Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Perfect Tangential Vector
Posted by Sam at 3:50 PM

There are few joys in life that can compare to the joys of eating campfire food. Cooking over an open flame, in the middle of the woods, listening to the firewood crackle and pop, being blinded by the smoke that follows you around the campfire no matter where you sit to escape it... ahhh, true bliss. Now, I'm a (half-assed) vegetarian. But, in the woods I'm a full-fledged, unapologetic carnivore. Meat! Fire! How much more primal can you get? None. None more primal. It's a good feeling... but I'm leaving something out. Marshmallows!

Yes, marshmallows. Sugary, squishy, gelatiny, bite-sized, psuedo-cylinders of pure euphoria. Personally, I've always marveled at the patience required to make that perfectly roasted marshmallow. Hovering the marshmallow over the flames, and rotating oh so gently... it's a thing of beauty when done properly. My technique is slightly different, yet no less intricate (yep, I'm that guy). I plunge the marshmallow deep into the belly of the flame. I let the fire engulf the swelling sugar wad. Soon the marshmallow's outer coating ignites and that's when I extract the flaming meteor from the heart of the fire. I let it burn until it's charred and blackened (not unlike my soul). When the fire goes out, I'm left with a bloated, ash-covered exoskeleton. Underneath however, is where the magic lies... scaldingly hot marshmallow magma just waiting to torch the interior of my mouth. I thrust that bad boy in. The marshmallow innards spread like napalm as my taste buds scream with pleasure (or in agony).

The point? Wait... I'm getting there.

Have you ever roasted marshmallows with a campfire newbie? Or, has this ever happened to you... maybe your first time? The marshmallow, atop the marshmallow stick, ignites into a flame ball. The marshmallow stick operator freaks out and starts to wave the stick with the flaming marshmallow around, in a failing attempt to put out the fire... which, in turn, just serves to feed the flame and make it burn hotter and faster. Now, as the flaming marshmallow heats up more rapidly, and the interior loses its solid integrity and becomes a liquid, the waving fire ball of a marshmallow succumbs to centrifugal force as the frictional hold breaks between the stick and marshmallow, launching it in a perfect tangential vector away from the naive operator and into the woods... or worse, your lap.

I've seen this happen a few times and it's always absurdly funny (horribly dangerous and potentially life threatening too... but I think comedy trumps danger in this situation). Now if one could only harness the power of an airborne flaming marshmallow, the world might be a more tolerant place.

Here comes the point... get ready.

Today, at ThinkGeek, I discovered a pneumatic handheld marshmallow launcher. So close! If only there was a marshmallow ignitor attachment, I'd be sold. Still, at the very reasonable price of $25 I might be tempted.

...And that's it. Can you believe that you read this entire entry just for that? Oh... the frustration you must feel. I am so sorry.

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I Do. I Think I Do. Do I?
Posted by Sam at 3:38 PM

Where to begin...

I was (pleasantly) surprised by the sheer quantity of responses that I received to the last couple of posts. Many of my dear readers took the little informal survey. I also received quite a few emails with some personal stories and comments... thank you for that. Honestly, all of this was very helpful and I am grateful to all who participated and shared their thoughts.

A few readers commented on some flawed logic of mine... maybe not flawed logic exactly. More like an inaccurate expression of my thoughts.

One comment in particular, touched on the subject of hollywood love. Let me paste it here:

Nothing else in the universe is constant and immutable; why does hollywood insist on telling us that Love is? That if we don't have a moment where we suddenly know we'll always be 'happily ever after' that we're somehow lacking?

The anonymous commenter is right... or at least, has some good ideas. Maybe hollywood has shifted my perception of what love is. Maybe the storybook true love that I'm longing for is simply an illusion. Maybe it doesn't happen like that in the real world (often, anyway). But, damn! Doesn't it look good? Don't you want to experience true love like that?

I do. I think I do. Do I?

Anyway... I mentioned in my last entry that it would be my final post concerning topics of love and relationships. And as I mentioned numerous times before, I'm a liar, and remorselessly so. Do what you will with that info. I'm off to get some coffee. I promise that the next post will be something that we can all ignore... and you know how sacredly I hold promises.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Let's Dim the Love
Posted by Sam at 9:29 AM

I have collected a couple comments concerning my current chronicled creation, in which the concealed commenters commented on the calamity of my commentary.

Sorry... sometimes I get stuck. Let's give that another try:

I have gotten a few comments to my last post in which the anonymous authors remarked on the sadness of my entry. Hmmm... maybe I over did it with the drama.

I'm about to talk about love and relationships again. I wouldn't be offended if you left right now. This is your chance... Run away!

I guess that it's not that I don't know what love is. No, I've experienced it... twice. And, it's not that in the times when I have thought to have been in love, I actually was not. It's more that those loves where the wrong kinds of love. Don't get me wrong, they were beautiful, wonderful, and I learned so much about myself and about love during those relationships. But yes, those loves must not have been the right kind of love. Clearly, this must be the truth, or else I would still be with those whom I was in love with. That makes sense, right? If the love was right, we would still be together. Logically, that is solid. Why do I feel as though I am missing something?

In my naive youth, I thought that love was binary. One either loves or does not love. The love switch is either in the On position or it's Off. There is no dimmer switch in the realm of love. One cannot turn down the love without turning it off. "Man, the love is way too bright in here. Let's dim the love." But it appears that I was wrong. It seems as though there are shades of grey when concerning love... there are varying levels of love... where the pinnacle must be true love.

I'd like to think that true love is different than your regular, run o' the mill, generic brand love. I want to think that true love is something that I will just know, without question... something that feels so right... something where any other option seems utterly absurd. I guess that I won't really know it until it hits me...

Ok... survey time. Answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge (contained within the parenthesis are my answers):
1) Have you ever been in love? (Yes)
2) How many times? (Two)
3) Have you ever tricked yourself into thinking that you were in love? (Maybe)
4) Have you ever said "I love you" and not meant it? (Unfortunately, yes)
5) Have you ever experienced true love? (Nope)
6) Are you sure? (Nope)
7) If so, what was it like? How did you know that it was true love? (N/A)
8) Have you ever been in love with a donut? A dozen donuts? (Yes! Oh god, yes...)
9) Will you buy me a donut? (Not a chance.)
10) Please? (Fine...)

The main thing here is that those of you who have ever experienced true love, come forward and let the rest of us know that it exists... renew our faith. Let us know what it's like, when you knew, and how you knew.

Thanks for your input. I promise that this will be the last post of this sort (for a while, at least).

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Relationship With a Capital "R"
Posted by Sam at 4:58 PM

Lately, it seems as though all conversations lead in the same direction. They point to the same place. Regardless of what the initial topic was, all innocent conversations inevitably become harrowing (for me) talks of relationship woes, relationship triumphs, or relationship confusions. Yesterday's conversation was no different.

My friend Rebecca and I ventured out into the Northampton night. Our destination was The Tunnel Bar, where we sat in the furthest possible place from the door... the darkest, most foreboding area of the establishment. It seemed somehow appropriate. And the light at the end of the tunnel (come on... you know I had to throw that one in) was far, far away.

We began talking and laughing, as we tend to do. And, as I mentioned, the lighthearted dialog transformed (as it tends to do) into the Relationship-with-a-capital-R conversation.

It was good though. She and I have always shared a yearning for true love... while simultaneously sharing a frustration for the process. Anyway, it was within this conversation that Rebecca brought forth the following statement... poignant, concise, honest:

If this is love, I'm fucked.

She was referring, of course, to past relationships and to the times when she felt that she was in love. This instantly rang true with me (so true, that I deemed it critical to jot it down on a napkin and then take a phone-cam photo... hence the grainy, blurry, and all-around crappy photo attached to this entry).

The point is... or at least, the point that I'm trying to make, is that apparently I have no idea what love is. The times when I have felt that I was in love or have been loved have all concluded in venomous spheres of torment... ok, admittedly that's a tad harsh. How 'bout if they "have all ended unpleasantly." If the love that I have experienced is truly love, then I am fucked. Hopefully, (please please please) it's simply a matter of "I just haven't found true love yet." I'm clinging to that... because if true love is on the line, I don't think that I'm willing to settle for psuedo-love. In other words, I think that I would rather be alone than be half-assed in love.

Yep. It's full-assed, 100% lovin' or no lovin' at all.

(that should be a bumper sticker)

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Newer, More Differenter,
Posted by Sam at 1:17 PM

Welcome to, version 2 (click here if you're reading via rss). And it's a about damn time, too. It was in January that I first mentioned that the long anticipated sequel was on its way (remember how good I am at procrastinating? Well, you can take this as proof). Here it is in mid March, and I've finally gotten it done. So, without any further banter, here it is: version 2.

Further banter (so I'm a liar too. Sue me): In class on Monday, I am going to be giving a lecture on website design. We are going to build a site from scratch. I am going to walk my students through the steps (or at least my steps), from start to finish. We are going to go from Photoshop to Imageready to Dreamweaver to some simple hand coding (for all you purists out there, remember, this is Graphic Design... not web application development. I know Dreamweaver is far inferior to notepad... but what can you do? Presumably, we're a class full of artists. We can't trouble ourselves with all of this meaningless code... *gasp* I'm so sorry. I didn't mean that. What I meant was, I don't really have time to teach HTML. Maybe later in the semester.) So, in class, I'm going to rebuild for my students... while they watch, mouths agape in amazement.

There are still some bugs and kinks that I have to work out... and the code could use a little housekeeping... and all of the old posts' images are going to look wrong... but, on the whole, I like this design more than the original. Cleaner, slimmer, grayer. Anyway, if you happen to stumble upon anything that is broken, please give me a hollar.

Final though: I hate you Internet Explorer! I hate you so much! Why are you so inconsistent? Why must you destroy everything that I create? Why are you not good?

Final thought, Part II: Why is there a picture of me with jumper cables attached to this post? I have no idea.

UPDATE: is broken under Internet Exporer 5.2.3 for Mac. Solution: Don't use Internet Explorer 5.2.3 for Mac.

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Here Goes Nothing
Posted by Sam at 10:54 AM is about to get wonky. Consider yourself forwarned. Hopefully, in about an hour or so, you'll see a shiny and new

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

High-Five Skillz
Posted by Sam at 2:35 PM

I've never been good at high-fives. It's true. Ask anyone who has ever attempted to share a triumphant moment of victory with me. Go on... ask 'em. They'll say something like, "Yeah... Sam and I won that tournament thingy and, in celebration, we attempted a high-five. That's how I got this terrifying, Xamot-like scar on my face. If I ever see that bastard again, I'm gonna rip his..." You get the idea.

I don't really know where the culprit lies. Is it depth perception? Hand eye coordination? Lack of coolness? Well, regardless of the cause, I feel that this ineptitude has the tendency to squelch all of the excitement from the moment that instigated it in the first place. Essentially, after the high-five failure, it's hard to carry on with the original joyous moment. I killed it. I killed all of the fun. Damn these hands!

Before I go off to grad school, I feel as though I should attempt to smooth out my high-five skills. I can only assume that there will be a lot of high-fiving during class. Like, "Hey Sam, way to go on your thesis! *high-five* ARGHHH!!! My eye!"

FUN FACT: In the process of looking for a photo... I mean, drawing of Xamot, I discovered that the name of the Cobra Emperor (from the G.I. Joe cartoons and comics) is spelled "Serpentor" and not "Sir Pentor." Initially, I had just assumed that some dude named Pentor had been knighted (like Sir Bill Gates) thus creating "Sir Pentor." I've been living a lie for the past 20 years.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Flesh Car
Posted by Sam at 1:23 PM

I'm trying really, really, really hard to not blog about how crappy things are at work right now. Oh... I guess that I just did. Ah well... and now for something completely different...

WARNING: While the following entry is brilliant in every way, the subject matter has been known to make queasy those with weak stomachs. Read with caution.

Flesh. Not only is it chewy and delicious, but... wait, that's not it. Let me start over: Flesh. Living tissue. Miraculous, regenerative, living tissue. When I crash my body into something, I bruise... sometimes I bleed (often I swear). But amazingly enough, I heal. Give my body time and I can heal almost any flesh wound. Truly amazing!

When I crash my car into something, it dents, scratches, or cracks. That costs me money and time and aggravation. I need to have it fixed. I need to bring it somewhere and pay someone to fix it. That's lame! Totally lame and totally antiquated. Imagine however, that the body of my car was made out of living flesh instead of cold, dead steel and plastic. I could simply give it some time (maybe rub in some Neosporin) and it would heal itself. Problem solved.

Sure... why not? I'm no fancy shmancy bio-engineer or anything, but come on... how hard could it be to graft some living tissue onto a car's framework. (And just think, you could get your car a cool flame tattoo.)

As far as maintenance? Well, I'm not really sure. I'd assume that one would have to rub on some protective balm for the cold winter months... maybe some sunscreen during the summer... and then there's the occasional pimple to attend to... it's a labor of love really.

Hmmm... since this is living tissue that we're talking about, we'll have to feed it somehow. Our flesh car needs nutrients. And since we're feeding it, it'll most likely create some kind of waste material. Uh... I guess that'll need to be disposed of. And can the flesh die? Can it contract disease? Will it start to rot? Flesh cars will rot instead of rust... weird. And creepy.

Ok... admittedly, this Flesh Car idea of mine is a tad underdeveloped. I recognize this and I'm ok with it. In fact, this is specifically why I'm blogging about it. I am generously open sourcing the Flesh Car. Yes! As of right now, the Flesh Car is open source. Go internet, go! Take this idea... run with it! Frolic in the autumn mist! Do whatever you need to do to make Flesh Car a reality.

Anyway, I'm kinda grossing myself out... so, I guess that's it.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Less Bad
Posted by Sam at 11:50 AM

I'm feeling... ummm... less bad than yesterday. Thanks for your concern, thanks for letting me vent, and thanks for sending the good vibes my way (I didn't actually receive any of the aforementioned "good vibes"... my personal firewall probably prevented the vibes from making it through. I'll have to check with the admin).

And now... on to more important things. Like The Mars Volta.

My pal, Mike, introduced me to The Mars Volta some time ago. He handed me a burned CD (for purely back-up purposes, of course) and said, "Listen to this. It's interesting. You'll like it." It was a copy of the album De-Loused in the Comatorium.

I listened to that CD for about two weeks straight. Every track turned corners into areas of sound that I would have never expected. It kept me guessing. And Interested. And, just as I thought that I had them figured out, The Mars Volta pulls something completely amazing out of nowhere.

But, what do they sound like? It's impossible to put these guys in a little box like that. Standard rock setup; vocals, guitars, bass, drums. What are they though? Punk, emo, hardcore, prog... The Mars Volta consists of components of hugely unrelated musical styles. But not in the way that their style might seem unfocused or scattered. No. On the contrary, it is intensely focused, densely layered, and impossible to ignore. The Mars Volta is not background music.

Their newest endeavor, Frances the Mute (which I was able to get a preview of a couple of months ago), is out now. In many ways, it is an extension of De-Loused. This album however, has the potential of being its superior, emotionally matured, successor. I have been listening to the full work, without rest since yesterday.

Frances the Mute is amazing. Go buy it. Now!

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Raining Bricks
Posted by Sam at 9:39 AM

This weekend was strange. In everything that I did, I continuously felt as though I was one step behind everyone else. I couldn't keep up with anyone... physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally. I don't know why. Maybe I had a lot on my mind... actually, I know that I had a lot on my mind.

Have you ever felt that way? Like, no matter what you are doing, your timing is just off. And it is off by such a minute amount that it's hardly perceptible, nevertheless it is fucking everything up.


Well, anyway... it is Monday morning. It is sunny outside, yet the looming workweek hangs overhead like a bleak storm cloud... about to rain bricks on the unsuspecting masses below. Ok... I really need to stop listening to Lacrimas Profundere first thing on Monday morning (Lacrimas Profundere translates into something like "weeping profusely").

I don't know. Maybe when the coffee kicks in I will be feeling a bit more cheerful.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Tiger and RSS
Posted by Sam at 4:18 PM

Oh my god. Y'all have to see how the upcoming version of Mac OS (10.4 Tiger) integrates an rss feed with a screen saver (from Engadget). I'm feeling dizzy.

Apple, I love you so much. Let's marry and have fruit flavored babies.

Ughhh... actually, nevermind.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

85 Days, 5 Hours, and 43 Minutes Until the End
Posted by Sam at 10:28 AM

By now, everyone knows that I will be going to grad school in the fall. And in my wake, I will be leaving a lot of things behind. I will be leaving Massachusetts. I will be leaving Northampton. I will be leaving my radical housemates... etc. I will also be leaving behind my job. And while it is not a bad job... the people that I work with are awesome, they buy me whatever toys I want, the pay is good, they leave me alone enough to post blog entries whilst at work... I am simply not happy here. I am not being challenged and I have a lot of skills that are just rotting away. In short, I will be happy to move on. And now, I have come to the point of this post... the crux, if you will. So, pay attention. As of right this instant, there are exactly 85 days, 5 hours, and 52 minutes until that last glorious moment of work. And how do I know this (without doing any of that hideous math)? Well, I simply looked at my menu bar, of course (see photo). Now it reads, "85 days, 5 hours, and 50 minutes until the end."

The little app that is allowing me to have this customized countdown (constantly taunting me with its promise of freedom... so close, yet so far) is a piece of freeware, aptly named Countdown. This application only does one thing, but it does it well.

If you have an impending moment of glory (or doom) in your future, you might want to play with this little app. It is helping me to remember that there is hope in my future... and I only have to suffer through a painful 85 days, 5 hours, and 43 minutes to get there.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Declaration
Posted by Sam at 4:19 PM

The paper clip is obsolete technology.

Long live the BINDER CLIP!

Hip hip hooray!

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Today's Rant
Posted by Sam at 9:50 AM

I'm tired of sitting. All I do, all day long, is sit.

One of the many freelance projects that I worked on in Berkeley, had an amazingly efficient and comfortable workspace. The studio area that I worked in was truly a breath of fresh air. The outer wall of the space was lined with a huge desk surface that wrapped around most of the wall. It allowed for a massive surface area on which projects could be spread out. The most impressive part however, was that the wall desk rose to about four to five feet high. The surface of the the desk was slightly lower than chest level (and as I recall, the desk surface was fastened to the wall in such a way that its height could be adjusted to plus/minus six inches or so). The chairs that accompanied the wall desks, where these awesome adjustable, rolling, comfy stool chairs. You could work sitting down... or you could stand and let your legs stretch out. Surprisingly, that small feature was hugely conducive to productivity. It kept me awake... kept the blood flowing and my brain active.

I would love to employ that type of workspace environment here... I'm afraid however, that that kind of forward thinking would clash with the beige walls.

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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Wintertime Benefits of Flamethrower Ownership
Posted by Sam at 9:15 AM

From the depths of the tepid inferno, my pal Mike, proponent of the almighty flamethrower, blogs about the wintertime benefits of flamethrower ownership. Words and illustrations by Mike himself... this is a blog entry not to miss.

As a winter related side note, three quarters of the crew at my homestead are going snowboarding tonight. Yea! I haven't been in more than two years. But my board is freshly waxed, my snow pants are one size too small, and my boots are just as uncomfortable as ever. So I feel ready. My only question is whether I'll be able to blog in a full body cast... and whether the hospital has wireless internet. Let's hope so, because that is where I will be inevitably spending my weekend.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Breaking and Entering
Posted by Sam at 10:50 PM

I decided early Monday morning (while at work) that I definitely was not going to work the following day. I knew that it was going to snow. And lately, I've been so unmotivated to do the work thing. So, I stayed up pretty late (for me) that night with my housemate, Sarah. We were just talking and laughing... and it didn't take much coercing to get her to take the next day off too. Nice. Little did I know however, that before she went to sleep, she put a note on my housemate Micah's door that read something like "You're not going to work tomorrow. It's a mandatory snow day!" (Ok... I made up the verbiage. That's not what it said, but thats the gist.)

I awoke yesterday morning to the sounds of my housemates gleefully talking about the mandatory snow day that we've declared for the household. I joined the ruckus and all seemed right with the world. The snow was falling calmly but steadily. It was beautiful outside and I wanted to be a part of it. Micah and I decided that an outdoor adventure was in order. Shortly there after, we left on an excursion... armed with little more than a thirst for exploration and one digital camera apiece.

Our adventure lead us to the Northampton State Hospital. Also know as the ABANDONED INSANE ASYLUM. Yep... you read that correctly. In Northampton, Massachusetts, there is an abandoned hospital for the mentally ill. It's one of the creepiest and most frightening places that I have ever been to. The hospital itself, appears as if it was plucked straight out of a horror movie. It stands atop a hill, tall and bold against the gray sky (imagine the hotel from the Shining... but much less ornate). Despite its decay, the external structure seems sound (the rotting interior is another story). Its perimeter winds and snakes across the premises, creating hidden alcoves and expansive courtyards.

Abandoned insane asylum? Come on... seems too good to be true, I know... but it is true.

The main building is surrounded by two layers of chain link fence (to keep punks like us out). Thanks to some earlier expeditions by other adventurous souls, there are holes in the fencing. You have to search for them... but they are there. Once you penetrate the outer defenses, you can actually get to the building (it's even creepier up close... when you can see its nuances and intricacies). Every single first and second floor window and door is either boarded or barred. We tried in many places to pull the boards off, but to no avail. They were firmly bolted into place. Despite the hulking masses of muscle that describe Micah and I, we just couldn't budge them. That is, until we found one that had been mostly removed.

The board mechanism was more of a plug than a simple covering. It fit entirely into the window cavity rather than just covering the hole. This one in particular was out of its home and on the ground. Unfortunately, it was frozen into the ground and still mostly covering the window. Try as we may, Micah and I could not get it out of the way. Micah however, was able to maneuver his body through the tiny and awkward space that was available. I watched him do this. Trust me, it defied all logic. I have no idea how he got himself through. But he did. And I couldn't. We decided that he'd do some spelunking, and I'd continue to look for another way in. Shortly after we parted ways... like 10 seconds later, Micah called to me from inside of the building. He had found a wide open window, a mere 15 feet behind where we were struggling to get in. I can't believe we hadn't seen it from the outside. We must have walked right passed it.

The window touched the ground... it was a basement window and it lead underneath the hospital. It was narrow, but big enough for a body to pass through. It even had stairs right to the side of the window. It was the ideal entrance. And I entered. And once inside, it felt as though I had been swallowed whole by the asylum itself. The utter blackness of the basement was overpowering. What little light the window let in was absorbed and thoroughly devoured by the darkness. And it was dark... pitch black.

I mentioned earlier that one of the only objects that we brought on our adventure, was a digital camera for each of us. It was great that we had those devices. The flash was our only means of seeing in the dark. Every ten seconds or so, one of us would take a random photo in the total darkness. The underground labyrinth would illuminate for a fraction of a second. Sometimes there would be a wall in front of us. Sometimes a door. Sometimes there would be a corridor. We needed to find stairs. We had to get out of the basement. And we were going pretty deep too. I was starting to wonder if we would be able to find our way back. But lo and behold, after many turns, a few dead ends, and the most frightening corridor, we found stairs. They were ice covered from a leaking hole in the ceiling. And they were treacherous. But they were stairs. And they went up... ascending us out of darkness.

I think it's best to tell the rest of the story with the photos Micah and I took along the way. Enjoy...

A few things to note: These photos have not been photoshopped or cropped in any way. They have been resized. They are in no particular order. This is not all of them. Clicking on any of the photos will launch the bigger versions. Click here to see all of the photos that I took. Click here to see all of the photos that Micah took. (These are fairly large files) And finally, I just want to stress that all of the basement shots that you see were taken in TOTAL darkness. Which is why some of the photos are tilted and positioned poorly. Every photo in the basement was taken just so the flash would go off and we could see. Getting actual usable photos was a bonus! And, as it turns out, some of the blind basement photos are my favorites...

going out... chair at the bottom of the stairs.

going in... using the camera as our flash light. this was pitch black.

3rd floor. creepy curtains.

searching for a way out of the basement. pitch black.

searching for a way out of the basement. pitch black.

searching for a way out of the basement. pitch black.

searching for a way out of the basement. pitch black.

3rd floor. this haze seemed to follow us around. however, it only showed up on film.

searching for a way out of the basement. pitch black.

3rd floor.

first floor.

on the way out (i think). again, this was pitch black.

3rd floor. the haze follows.

3rd floor. gaping hole.

this is the window i came through.

hospital. first view.

on the way out.

following micah. searching for stairs.

incriminating shot of micah.

searching for stairs. following micah. there's that haze again.

i love this shot. this was in the pitch black. i had no idea that micah was standing there when i took the shot. very blair witch...

micah. clearly going insane.

no trespassing?

a noose?

on the way out. that's my arm.

an exterior shot.

see those towers? micah was in one of them taking this photo.

me. pondering the meaning of that sign.

outside toilet?

3rd floor. creepy door.

me. in attic. looking surprisingly chipper.

me. 1st floor. with the haze.

me. 3rd floor. the haze.

finding our way out.

and finally.. the big scary door.

Before I let you flee in horror, I'd like to comment on the haze. I've read that ghost hunters go to supposedly haunted places and take a bunch of random photos. Apparently, these ghostly hazes only show up on film. You can't see them until you look at the photos. Micah and I both did not see the haze during the journey. Only when we opened our photos later did we notice it. The haze showed up on both of our cameras. The haze showed up in well lit shots as well as the pitch black ones. There are more shots of the haze here and here.

Ok. Thinking back, the most amazing thing about this adventure is the fact that neither one of us bled, walked away limping, or was arrested. Possessed by the souls of the insane... maybe. But at least we didn't spend the night in jail.

(Instead, we spent the day in an insane asylum. Yea!)

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Sam is an amazing and humble guy. Once, he rushed into a burning building, up six flights of stairs to save a kitten from certain death. He speaks eight languages, has mastered three varieties of martial arts, is a wine expert, and is a pulitzer prize winning author. Sam is an international heart-throb who prefers a quiet evening at home knitting afghans for the homeless, to the go-go, glitz and glamor of the party scene. I think the day he won the silver medal for ballroom dancing at the 98 olympics was the happiest of his life. Pretty impressive for a guy who never finished the 8th grade. - Carrie, 04
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