Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I Do. I Think I Do. Do I?
Posted by Sam at 3:38 PM

Where to begin...

I was (pleasantly) surprised by the sheer quantity of responses that I received to the last couple of posts. Many of my dear readers took the little informal survey. I also received quite a few emails with some personal stories and comments... thank you for that. Honestly, all of this was very helpful and I am grateful to all who participated and shared their thoughts.

A few readers commented on some flawed logic of mine... maybe not flawed logic exactly. More like an inaccurate expression of my thoughts.

One comment in particular, touched on the subject of hollywood love. Let me paste it here:

Nothing else in the universe is constant and immutable; why does hollywood insist on telling us that Love is? That if we don't have a moment where we suddenly know we'll always be 'happily ever after' that we're somehow lacking?

The anonymous commenter is right... or at least, has some good ideas. Maybe hollywood has shifted my perception of what love is. Maybe the storybook true love that I'm longing for is simply an illusion. Maybe it doesn't happen like that in the real world (often, anyway). But, damn! Doesn't it look good? Don't you want to experience true love like that?

I do. I think I do. Do I?

Anyway... I mentioned in my last entry that it would be my final post concerning topics of love and relationships. And as I mentioned numerous times before, I'm a liar, and remorselessly so. Do what you will with that info. I'm off to get some coffee. I promise that the next post will be something that we can all ignore... and you know how sacredly I hold promises.

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I didn't comment on your prior posts, cuz' i'm not that good a friend, I guess.

I want to say that, yes, Hollywood love is crap. We get disillusioned to believe that you'll find that one person, violins will play (metal?), the world will go slow-mo, and nothing will ever change. It's not true.

At the beginning of love, it will feel a like the above statements. That little timeframe is what Hollywood shows us. It doesn't commonly delve into the "after the newness" stages (except with the matrix series...i loved the first...but love wasn't in my hizeart for the others).

Real love is hard. It takes work. Depending on how well you mesh with someone, it will take more or less work. However, it is always work and a progressive pushing forward in sharing and knowing each other. Sometimes love is passionate and exciting, sometimes it feels like just hanging out with a friend.

At times, you'll be furious with the person you love, but if love it is, things will get worked out. Because love is more important than pride. Forgiving or asking forgiveness will become more important than being right.

Love is like a knife. At first, it is quite sharp and shiny. Then, as it is "used" it needs to be touched up, protected from rust and the elements, cared for, and worn on your belt when you go hunting (wtf?). It is also something that can help you in tough situations. Like if a wily cougar pounced from the trees upon thee. From the heart of love, I stab at thee!

So, did that do ya any good? ;)

Comment By Blackwatch on March 31, 2005 9:26 AM

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