Monday, June 04, 2007

Mmm... Kudos Onslaught
Posted by Sam at 2:17 PM

Well, after being disconnected just as I was giving my phone number to the customer service rep (you know... just in case we get disconnected), and after trudging through the automated help interface twice, being put on hold while forced to endure a never-ending Kenny G. medley, and then finally being connected to a real live person, and having them finally connect me to the correct real live person, I have successfully accessed my home wifi network. Yay!

The solution was as simple as putting a "$" in front of the WEP password. Wow. Wouldn't it have been much simpler and easier (not to mention, more cost effective for SBC/AT&T/Yahoo!) if that minute, yet critical, nugget of information was included in the li'l install booklet? Or perhaps if it was available on their help site? ("How did you query their help site without internet access?" you may ask. Thankfully, the upstairs neighbors have been allowing me to steal borrow internet from their unsecured wifi network for about a month now. Thanks guys! (That's for dominating the communal storage space with your heaping mounds of junk.))

Anyway, the true reason that I'm posting this is twofold. Of course my main motivation for publicizing this gripe is to... well, gripe (really though, isn't that the primary usage of most blogs?). But my secondary reason, and the one that makes me seem less whiny and quite possibly even selfless (and therefore, the one that we will be focusing on here), is simply to get this solution, the "$" before the WEP password, out there into the boundless ether of internetdom. Come on, I can't be the only one experiencing this problem.

So hopefully, Google will index this solution, make it findable, I'll be a great boon to many, and there will be much rejoicing. See, I do my part to give back to society. Let the onslaught of rightfully-deserved kudos commence! And just for the record, I will gladly accept all forms of kudos... even especially those in bar form.

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