Sunday, November 28, 2004

I'm a pro at 'crastinating
Posted by Sam at 1:49 PM

Procrastination procrastination procrastination.
I'm a pro at 'crastinating.

Ok... well, I'm in Javanet right now. Yep, free wireless internet. I thought that I'd be more productive if I left my house. There's too many distractions at home, and I've got a boatload of work to do. I thought that maybe I'd go to Javanet and get some work done. Javanet is my favorite place in town to get coffee. Javanet takes two of my favorite things, coffee and internet, and smooshes them together into one neatly wrapped package.

I have free wireless internet at home (well, I guess it's not free... my household pays for it. But it seems like it's free... so, shut up). There is no way that I am going to pay for internet access here at Javanet if I get it for free at home. "Great," I thought. "One less distraction." Little did I know that these chumps are just giving it away for free here! Damn them! Damn them for being so cool. Now, I'm forced to sit here and play with the internet while I should be writing college essays (did I mention that I'm applying to grad school? Did I also mention that I'm highly caffeinated?).

So anyway, this post is just about me doing the things that I do so well... procrastinating, complaining, and interneting.

Final thought: I wish that more places had free wireless internet. It would enable me to pursue my three true passions (procrastinating, complaining, and interneting), on a truly portable level.

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