Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Will Never Doubt The Steve Ever Again
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I don't even know where to begin. How many times have I blogged something to the extent of, "Apple building an iPhone? Never!"? Well, let's count. In no particular order:

1. "iPhone: Not a chance in hell" (January 11, 2005)

2. "I doubt that we'll ever see an Apple branded cell phone." (January 10, 2005)

3. "No iPhone. And once again, I told you so." (September 12, 2006)

4. "An iPhone?" (January 05, 2005)

5. "An iPhone?" (January 03, 2007)

6. "iPhone? I'm growing tired of saying it... Apple is not making a cell phone." (September 07, 2006)

7. "The Mac rumor mills have spat this one out before... that Apple is making an iPhone." (April 05, 2006)

8. "Really people, an iPhone!? It's not gonna happen." (December 20, 2006)

9. "...a deep-rooted, passionate love of a company that can do no wrong (unless they release an iPhone)." (April 13, 2006)

and, of course, my personal favorite:

10. "Apple is not and will not be producing an iPhone... ever." (March 20, 2006)

So that's... umm... ten. Unless I've missed something, I've told you that Apple is not developing, and will not be releasing, an iPhone on ten separate occasions. I'm going to have to regain a lot of trust. I'm going to require a lot of coffee.

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First off: Holy Crap, that was a slow transfer to this page. Seems like old blogger is cranky still.

Secondly: Yep. You really hit that on the head, eh? LOL. Well, don't put too much blame on yourself, as Apple kept it secret and even squashed rumors of such silliness.

Here is an outline of their sneakiness. Sneaky Applessess!

Comment By Blackwatch on January 10, 2007 8:09 AM

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