Thursday, April 13, 2006

Where's My Intern Monkey!?
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The blogosphere is abuzz with an overabundance of banter about Boot Camp (ahh... alliteration. I feel like a MacAllen brother). Clearly, there are those who are more qualified then I to talk about Apple's controversial decision to allow the devil (a.k.a. Windows) to coexist on Mac hardware. It's just that my Macintosh punditry, while self-proclaimedly (okay... self-proclaimedly!? That's definitely not a word) insightful and glorious, is fueled largely by half-baked ideas, under-researched facts, over-caffeinated enthusiasm, and a deep-rooted, passionate love of a company that can do no wrong (unless they release an iPhone). So, I'm sure you can easily find a plethora of Mac bloggers that actually substantiate their writing with verifiable facts. And I support that... I really do. I just don't employ that particular tactic myself. No, I prefer to proliferate the rumor mill by adding preposterous fuel to the fire. "So, how 'bout that Apple PDA that's set to be released next... etc." But you know what? I have no problem with you straying and reading their well-crafted and thoroughly researched insights. Hey... all the more power to you. And all the more power to them... with their fact-checking intern monkeys, or quick google searches, or whatever. If they've got the time to fact-check, then let the bona fide facts fly! All I'm saying is, it's just not for me. I'll make up my own damn facts, thank-you-very-much.

Phew... now that that's out of the way, I do have one last Boot Camp related thought/complaint/idea/confusion to bring up... and then, I promise sam bot dot com will return to its regularly scheduled rambling mayhem:

So Apple released this Boot Camp software thingy that enables Intel based Macs to natively run Windows. And this is okay and legal. Microsoft isn't complaining and much of the computer using world is happy. So then, what's stopping a company like Dell from releasing their own version of Boot Camp... essentially a piece of software that partitions the drive and enables their hardware (through new drivers and such... just like Boot Camp) to run Mac OS X? In other words, if Apple is able to say, "Sure, run Windows on our Macs," then why can't Dell say the reverse, "Sure, run Mac OS X on our Dells"?

Clearly, Windows is not licensed to run on any singular piece of hardware. I mean, you can find a copy of Windows putzing around on any generic beige-box PC out there. But, is Mac OS X legally and exclusively bound to Apple's hardware? Can anyone who legally owns a legal copy of Mac OS X legally install it on any legal PC hardware... legally (assuming, of course, they have the technical know-how)? I just don't know.

See, this is why I need my very own fact-checking, unpaid, intern monkey. Well for this, and of course to provide me with a constant and steady flow of coffee. That's what internships are all about, right? Getting coffee for your superiors... maybe lunch too. Eh, whatever. It's like a rite of passage. A sucky, not-unlike-slavery, working-for-nothing, lowest-rung-on-ladder, I-wish-were-dead, is-this-really-what-it's-like-in-the-real-world, craptacular, rite of passage. Yeah, I definitely need to get me an intern monkey.

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who really need an intern monkey to know that its only a matter of time...unfortunately...and that being so i also know i'd still rather go with buying another Genuine Mac instead of a pc poser running OS X.

you can just tell that Macs are built with love.

Comment By bryan on April 13, 2006 9:39 PM

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