Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So, Who's Up for Boot Camp?
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This Windows on Mac announcement really came out of nowhere. Well, I guess that's not entirely true. The Mac rumor mills have spat this one out before... but of course, they've also reported that Microsoft is going to buy Apple, Steve Jobs is a robot, and that Apple is making an iPhone. The point is, it's hard to know what to believe... and doubly so concerning rumors reporting some kind of Apple and Microsoft amalgam. Come on now... Boot Camp!? Who woulda thunk it?

Right... so, it's called Boot Camp... and Apple is the first to admit that it's only a working title. Boot Camp, in essence, allows a Mac OS X user who's rocking an Intel based Mac to install and run Windows XP natively on their hardware.

(If this were a podcast, I would definitely insert that corny sound effect of a record needle being pushed violently off of a spinning record. You know... that sound signifying that someone has said something so completely nonsensical and absurd that it stops the party dead in its tracks... as all the happy party-goers turn and stare in horror. Yeah, you know the one I mean. Well, it'd be so appropriate here... don't you think?)

Is this a good idea for Apple? Will it get more people to buy Apple hardware? Shit if I know! What I do know is that it definitely sweetens the deal a bit. My only question is whether the consumer, who knows that they can now natively run Windows on their Mac (legally and Apple authorized!), will assume that this merger will inevitably lead to a Mac OS that runs natively and legally on PC hardware... maybe. In short, if Windows can now run on a Mac, it's logical to assume that Mac OS X will, in time, run on a PC. So, will the consumer simply wait for the release of Mac OS X for their PC... so they can install it on cheaper PC hardware?

Regardless, this Apple Authorized dual-boot is intriguing. Especially now, considering the fact Apple is the only hardware manufacturer that can claim that their computers can boot both Mac OS X and Windows (natively and legally). That, in itself, is huge.

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i ready for bootcamp for a number of reasons.

the most undeniable reason of all is the fact that i am sitting on a balcony, in florida, smoking cigarettes. ~27 feet of gravitional pull is screaming at my dell "its only a matter of time....." and there's a mac store 15 minutes from here.

Comment By xtmesisx on April 11, 2006 8:48 PM

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