Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hibernation Station
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The end of the semester is officially upon us. And thus begins the sacred ritual of academic hibernation.

Every year (okay... so really just last year) I make the pilgrimage across campus to descend the twisted, torch-lit, stairs which lead to the catacombs of the Quinnipiac Law Library. There I join the other wrecked/studious souls who have found solace amidst the tomes of this dank underground dungeon. Living among the mole-people, I stay for about two weeks, until all of my final projects and papers and presentations are complete. And then, like a magnificent butterfly unfolding triumphantly from within a dull cocoon, I emerge... except my emergence is not very triumphant at all. And I'm far from magnificent. In fact, I'll pretty much be looking like a walking corpse.

But until then my dear readers, I bid you a fond farewell. May you be comforted by the following slideshow of my Thanksgiving backpacking adventure in Red River Gorge, that I am including in this post for two reasons:

Reason the first: Everyone, without exception, loves slideshows of vacation photography.

Reason the next: I really just wanted to try out this embedded flickr slideshow thingy (that I clumsily retrofitted to work here).

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