Monday, November 20, 2006

For the Love of God, ReviewMe!
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So there's this thing on the internet (the internet!? No way...) called ReviewMe. It's this website (a website!? On the internet!? No way...) that enables us bloggers to "get paid to review products and services on [our] site." The first thing they ask you to review in exchange for some cash (they claim) is the ReviewMe service itself. So, consider this it:

The review of the ReviewMe service (a.k.a. my first review)

Actually, this ReviewMe thing is a pretty interesting concept. Here's the lowdown: You, as a well-established and highly influential blogger, submit your site to ReviewMe for review. Not all blogs will be allowed to participate. Apparently, they have to make sure the blog in question has enough traffic to make it worth their while. But I wouldn't be too worried about it. After all, they accepted sam bot dot com with open arms, and I've got like what... three readers? Anyway, sam bot dot com fits into the "2 out 5" category. This ranking is based on Alexa, Technorati, and RSS subscriptions statistics. My ranking makes my payout a whopping $30 per review.

If you, as a product marketer, wanted to have your product reviewed on sam bot dot com, you pay ReviewMe $60, they let me know about it, I'd say sure (or nah), I review and post and send ReviewMe the URL, and then, presumably, they send me a check. Seems fairly straightforward. (But honestly, if you really want your stuff reviewed on this blog, I'd rather you just send me the $60 and I'll write you the most glowing review that your boneheaded product will ever receive. Umm... just kidding? I'm fair and balanced and full to the brim with integrity... like Fox News.)

The bottom-line is that this ReviewMe thingy seems like a pretty solid deal. However, I'll reserve my final judgement for the triumphant moment when I'm actually holding that $30 check in my grubby li'l paws. That $30 is, by the way, already spent.

(Oh... and I'm required to tell you that this is a paid review. But we just went over all of that didn't we? Geez... pay attention!)

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I just got this notification from ReviewMe:

"Your review of the ReviewMe written on the blog sam bot dot com has been approved! You will receive $30 for this review."

Well, that's pretty hot! Again, final judgement is reserved for the moment that the check is actually in my hands. I'll keep you posted...

Comment By Sam on November 20, 2006 4:41 PM


That is the gayest thing you've ever linked to.

Avenging Unicorns?!

Comment By Dr. Kennedy on November 21, 2006 4:36 PM


Comment By Sam on December 06, 2006 3:26 PM

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