Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Post Xmas Post
Posted by Sam at 3:47 PM

Well, Xmas 2004 has come and gone. All in all, I'd say that it was a pretty successful holiday. The xmas death mix was well received... for the most part. Mostly, I think it's recipients were frightened. Not really for themselves, but for me and my well-being. Which is nice... nice to know people are concerning themselves with my mental health (in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have given one to my mom).

I gave some good gifts, and I received some good gifts. On the top of the list for gifts given would probably have to be the fire hydrant shaped cookie that I gave to my little sister's puppy. I have totally and utterly fallen in love with this puppy... she's the cutest little hellraiser. I am going to miss her (and my sister) immensely when they move to Georgia... but I won't talk about that now, as the tears welling up in my eyes are making it tough to see what I'm typing.

As for gifts received... well I think that it's a tie (no, not a necktie, you dolt). From his personal and well maintained collection, my pal Sean gave me a wonderfully functional Spyderco folding knife. It's a really comfortable folder. Easy to open, close, and use. The other gift is a Crumpler Crisp Suit messenger style laptop bag... which I am field testing at this very moment. Hopefully soon I'll post about it. It's cool enough to deserve an exclusive post/review... what can I say, I'm a total gear junkie.

The best (and cheesiest) part of this past Xmas, was the quality time that I spent with my family. They are the best. No one makes me laugh like they do... sometimes at them, but mostly with them. I have so much fun when I hang out with them. They are good people... albeit insane. Pot calling the kettle black!

That's all for now. The remaining quarter of my coffee has gone cold and I am in dire need of a refill. Before I go however, I will leave you with this unrelated yet superbly brilliant epiphany. This came to me earlier and my life has not been the same since: When I get a puppy of my very own, I am going to name her/him Iommi... after the not-yet-dead (but probably deceased by the time that I actually get around to getting a puppy) guitar legend from Black Sabbath. "Here Iommi! Fetch me that Gibson SG. Good girl! Where's your Ozzy chew toy? That's it. Yep... bite the head off! Shake it... make sure it's dead! Good Iommi. Good puppy."

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A truly poignant post; I for one have enjoyed the hell out of my Xmas death mix. I look forward to next year.

Comment By TheDarkLordDerfla on December 28, 2004 3:42 PM

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