Monday, December 20, 2004

Totally Tubular
Posted by Sam at 10:03 PM

I did some good stuff this weekend. Yep... good stuff. I went to New York City with my totally tubular housemates to visit my totally tubular friend, Todd. Todd is rad. He's like the big brother I never had (fists and all). When Todd and I get together, we instantly regress to a freshman-in-high-school-like relationship. It's great. We tell each other how hot each other's mom is, we punch each other in the arms (well, Todd mostly punches me), we sing punk rock lyrics, we play with each other's toys (Macs, cell fones, guitars, cds...), etc...

On Saturday we saw Todd's band, Dumo. They were pretty fun... good stage presence, good vocals, expensive beer ($3 for a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon... a CAN!? Well, I guess it is New York City). Then we were off to Times Square, where I took that exquisite camera fone photo of todd.

At Todd's house in Brooklyn, he had no heat or hot water. You'd think that the Technical Project Manager for (who gets paid more than god, I might add), would be able to afford heat and hot water. But like I said, it is New York City. So, in Todd's arctic tundra, I slept on the floor... fully clothed, including my shoes and coat.

Sunday morning = the best omelet that I've ever had. It was Mexican.

I really can't believe that I only took one photo during the entire weekend. If Todd were here right now, I'd tell him to email the photos and video that he took this weekend... or else I might have to post some of the photos and video that I have from years long since passed. (If this were some kind of futuristic video blog, there would be a flashback/dream sequence thingy now. Nope. Sorry. None for you.)

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Don't forget the totally tubular tubes we saw.


the thirty-foot steaming cup o' Ramen that looked like it'd be rather expensive,... at least a buck or so.

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Comment By Anonymous on December 21, 2004 10:25 AM

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