Friday, December 24, 2004

xmas death, volume III
Posted by Sam at 2:26 AM

If you were my friend, you would get one of these for xmas (now don't you wish that you were nicer to me?):

xmas death, volume III is the semi-annual, suicide-inducing, totally rockin' mix CD that I pass out to all my peeps during the holiday season. Click here for the liner notes (doh! I just realized that the most current version is on my G4 at work. I'll post an update on Tuesday)... and click here for a high res version of the cover.

If, by some freak occurrence, you did not receive your copy of xmas death, volume III, and you feel that you have been robbed out of what is rightly yours, one of three things may be going on. 1) Your perception of the quality of our friendship is slightly askew (hahaha! Just kidding. I love everyone equally and thoroughly) 2) I haven't gotten to you yet. 3) I've forgotten all about you. If any of the above are true, let me know... and I'll do my best to rectify this dire situation immediately.

Happy holidays everyone! Blog on!

Oh... I'm sure that I'm going to have a few extras. If anyone is interested, you can send me your address and I'll see if I can send one out to you.

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oh the xmas deths i have recieved, i have to say this is your best work yet. thank you very much. merry dethmas!!!

Comment By manuel noriega on December 25, 2004 1:53 AM

I wrapped my presents while listening to xmass death III... and all I can say is that I can't wait to still be Sam's friend next year, as long as you are able to survive the next year with so much blackness in your soul... rock on metal man...

Comment By kjwaggon on December 27, 2004 9:25 AM

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