Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hopping on the Blogwagon Again
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As a gleeful summer of adventure, intrigue, mayhem, debauchery, love, beauty, and abandonment comes to a sorrowful close... and as a semester of coffee consumption, living in the library, coffee consumption, insomnia, and coffee consumption begins anew, I feel somehow compelled to start up this blog thing once more. I long to twist the throttle of this grand blogging machine... to rev the horribly inefficient wankel rotary engine of the blogmobile once again. Yet despite my enthusiasm, it's difficult to know exactly how and where to pick it back up.

Regardless of the impending difficulty, here I am, reporting for duty. And wouldn't it be nice to report back with the following statement... which, as we all know, is somewhat of a personal goal of mine: "Dude, I like couldn't blog all summer, cuz I was like totally in jail." Regretfully however, I did not spend the summer in jail. In fact, my summertime run-ins with the law were nil... excluding the casual "Hey, how's it going?" to the stray crossing-guard here and there. Disappointing, I know.

But yes, here I am. And I know the real reason why I'm blogging again. I'll get to that in due time, though first I'd like to share my rationalization/justification for hopping on the blogwagon again: Blogging keeps my my brain from atrophy. It provides me with an opportunity to flex my vocabulary while simultaneously broaching important topics that are deserving of... nay, entitled to blog-o-spheric attention (like my Keens... which are quite possibly on their last leg (last foot?)). Now that the semester is gearing back up again, it's high time I attempt to gear up too. That dusty ol' lump of gray matter has lain dormant for far too long. Brain, awake from your summer's hibernation! Arise and think again! I can feel the neural synapses firing already... either that, or I'm undergoing accelerated brain-rot. Well, it's still more brain activity than I've experienced in an entire summer... so I'll take it!

Okay... acceptable? Good. Now, here is the real reason that I'm starting this blogging thing again: PROCRASTINATION. Yeah. With the onset of gobs upon gobs of more important things to do, (like homework, reading, studying, etc...) I feel drawn back to the blog. Back to the distracting, intellectually devoid, yet pleasantly time-consuming realm of sam bot dot com. And not a moment too soon. Less than an hour ago I was sitting attentively in my first class of the semester. There, we were assigned hundreds of pages of reading, much writing, and some intense thinking. Yet here I sit with coffee in hand (lovingly swiped from the faculty lounge). Blogging. And hot-damn!, does it feels good.

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How dare you take the summer off from blogging while some of us attentively await the next entry. Oh wait. So did I. Fine you're excused.

Comment By Danny.B on September 01, 2006 10:04 AM

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