Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Posted by Sam at 11:18 PM

Oh my gawd! Things are crazy. This is the first chance that I've really had to sit down and post this entry... that I wrote three days ago! Whatev. It's all good. I miss everyone... Later. -S

I'm sitting in a local Wallingford restaurant called Archie Moore's. I just ordered a sandwich and beer. When the wind blows just right, I can leach off of someone's open wifi network from one of the apartments above. I get a weak connection for just about two minutes. Hopefully long enough to post this entry. We'll see.

Yesterday was move-in-to-the-new-digs day. It went well. We had a few friends helping out. No one fell down stairs carrying a couch of treachery, or bled, or injured themselves in any way... which is always nice. I'm still getting acclimated to the apartment and the area. I can say this though, it's going to be quite an adjustment. I think that I'll get the hang of things in a few weeks or so, but right now, it still feels a bit awkward.

Beer and food arrive.

One thing that I am struggling with is the zero diversity. From what I've seen so far, there's a lot of white folk here in Wallingford. As I mentioned, it's just going to be an adjustment.

Beer gone. Need more. Ordered more.

It is beautiful here though. From our window, we can see mountains (more like big hills really). Yesterday evening, I watched the sun set behind those mountains. It was amazing.

More beer! Yea! I just asked the waitress/hostess where I can get some reliable and free wifi (our internet will be installed tomorrow!). She suggested Starbucks. From my resulting facial expression, she gathered that Starbucks was not the answer that I was hoping for. She mentioned that I might want to trek into New Haven to find some culture/coffee. She's probably right.

The waitress/hostess (her name is Katelyn) seems pretty nice. I ask her about how to get to New Haven via bicycle. Bike trail? It exists. I just have to find it. She draws me a map.

Second beer disappears. More? Ok.

The apartment is really nice. There's a lot of room for us to spread out. It's in an old house though... and it shows. The windows are held in the open position by rope, and there's a door on the first floor that had to be cut in half to make way for a wall (it's actually pretty cool... I'll have to snap a photo). I appears that this was once an old, wealthy New England family house (with servant entrance and stairs) that has been retrofit to accommodate three apartments. There's no garbage disposal or dishwasher, but we'll cope. Oh... and the landlord refers to himself as "Uncle Jack." I called him that. It was... uncomfortable.


Connecticut is a strange place. So familiar, yet so foreign. Like for example: In Massachusetts, we had your normal, run-o-the-mill cars on the roads. But here in Connecticut, one can find automobiles of this sort (see accompanying photo. UPDATE Bluetooth malfunction. I can't seem to get any of my camera phone photos off of my phone. So, in a fit of creative genius, I took a high resolution digital photo of my phone's ultra lo-res display. I can see the population of photographers cringing at that thought... Trust me though, what I saw on the highway was obnoxious. It was a giant, 3D, Tony the Tiger head mounted on the rear of a van thing. Only in Connecticut... Yee-haw!).

I think the main issue here is that it is going to be a huge adjustment. I like it here. I really do. But I miss my town, and my housemates, and my coffee shops, etc...

What I don't miss however, is my job. See you in hell, employment! That'll teach you to occupy 40 hours of my week with mindless toil. Never again! Freedom! Those bastards... how dare they steal my life and fill it with meaningless busy work. I've got plans, man. Big plans. Big important plans. And who are you to stand in my way? And what happened to my beer?

And so on...

UPDATE Jump to later this evening: So the stealing someone's internet didn't work. I guess that I'll have to wait for the cable install. I can't believe that I've been sans internet for this long. That will all change tomorrow.

It is interesting however, that after the third beer kicked in, this post made the abrupt transformation into an anti-job rant. I sort of trailed off of the original topic and tangented (what? Tangent can be a verb) into a subject that's near and dear to my heart: not working. Now, I could edit the entry. But for the sake of preserving the moment, I will post it in all of its unedited, raw, and powerful awesomeness. Yes. That's what blogging is all about. Preserving the truth. Either that or I'm too lazy to fix it. No no... preserving the truth. It's all about preserving the truth.

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Glad that it went well. Now, if only someone had come along that could drive stick...

So, when ya gonna come up this way again? Don't ya miss the old stomping ground, what with being gone all this time? Come watch Anime and drink b33r!

Comment By Blackwatch on June 08, 2005 2:25 PM

so when are you going to clean out our basement?

Comment By S2.0 on June 08, 2005 3:54 PM

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