Monday, May 02, 2005

The Obligatory, Post-Tiger-Install Post
Posted by Sam at 8:54 AM

Friday night. 2am. While all the lame kids were out partying and drinking and making-out... I was at home, just like all the other cool kids, unpacking a black box with a metallic X on the cover.

I installed Tiger that night, but I didn't really get a good chance to play around with the new OS until the following day. Admittedly, I haven't put as much time into the setup as I should have. This weekend was jam-packed with other crud. But, here are my initial impressions:

1) New subtleties in the look and feel. Good! Especially in the menu bar area. The horizontal stripes up there is a tired look.
2) Automator. Not as exciting or useful as I had hoped.
3) Spotlight. I imagine that this will become a worthwhile part of my workflow... but right now, it's just a search box.
4) Dashboard. Yes! Very useful, very customizable, and some of the coolest eye candy I've seen in a while.
5) Safari RSS. She flies!

Ok... More later. I'm going to install Tiger on my work machine this afternoon. That will be the real test... to see how the striped feline holds up in a fast-paced, full-throttle, graphics environment. Right now, it's time for some coffee... even though I promised myself that I'd cut down. A wise person once said, "Promises are made to be broken" or was it "Coffee rocks! You should drink more!" Either way, I'm getting a cup.

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oh, Sam, no one else I know will every be so verbaciously inclined about his little abacus... bless you.

Comment By kjwaggon on May 02, 2005 8:27 PM

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