Friday, April 22, 2005

Booty! No, Not That Kind
Posted by Sam at 5:23 PM

Amber and I just raided the "Promotional Materials" closet here at work. It was like xmas... or at least what I imagine xmas to be like. You see, Jesus doesn't really like us Jews... I think we got into a bar fight once and crucified him or something. I was too drunk to remember. Anyway, as a disciplinary measure, he makes Santa skip over our Jew chimneys on xmas. Honestly, it's a real low blow. Come on now... I just want to celebrate your birthday and play with the shiny, star topped, toy filled tree. Pleeeaaase! I'll let you try my dreidel... you can gamble with it...

Right. As I was saying...

Amber and I raided the Promo closet and walked away with some mighty fine booty. Mighty fine indeed. On the top of the list is a retractable, click-top Sharpie! (Nothing says lovin' like a Sharpie mustache on an unsuspecting sleeping comrade) Also included in the plundering, were a few t-shirts, bottle openers, a magnetic clip thingy, and key chains.

Arrr... I loves me the booty!

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