Sunday, August 28, 2005

Axe-Wielding Leprechaun
Posted by Sam at 5:16 PM

Early this morning, in the pouring rain, I left my cozy domicile and ventured north. Through unspeakable peril, I fought my way past the state's capitol and toward a land of horrific danger and untold adventure. Despite the risk, I journeyed forth. The gold at the end of this particular rainbow was simply too shiny to pass up... and no axe-wielding leprechaun was going to stand betwixt me and my glorious treasure. (What? Leprechauns are known to wield axes... from time to time... right?)

My destination was scenic Bloomfield Connecticut, where I would find this state's most prized annual event: The Northeast Bicycle Swap Meet. This was not just any old bicycle swap though. No, it was a vintage Muscle Bike swap.

The bike swap was held at the New England Muscle Bicycle Museum. Yeah... I had no idea that this place existed either. But now that I do, my life is bound to change. Ok... not really, but it is a very cool place (try not to let their shoddy website scare you away).

I went with eight dollars... which was a big mistake because there was at least twelve dollars worth of stuff that I would have liked to have purchased.

Actually, I found an old Schwinn track frame in excellent condition for $75 and a stylish leather seat for $15. The $8 that I had with me wouldn't cover the cost... even after offering up my yodeling and tap dancing skills as trade... maybe especially after that. So off I went, 15 miles down the road to find the nearest ATM. When I returned to the bike swap, both items where gone. Sniff sniff, sob sob...

It's for the best really. Money is a bit tight right now and who knows how the Streetfighter would react if I were to bring home another bike. Anyway, the swap was not entirely a wash. When I realized the likelihood of finding any other treasures at this event were slim, I plunged my fist into the nearest one dollar parts bin and purchased the first thing that I pulled out: a BMX seat and seat post... which was obviously a great investment seeing as I haven't ridden BMX since high school. It was a good time though... and I did make a new friend.

Check out my flickr photoset of the bike swap here!

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I guess you could say that the track frame was "gone the the Schwinn!"

Comment By TheDarkLordDerfla on August 29, 2005 11:53 AM

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