Monday, October 09, 2006

Feeling Inadequate
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Google bought YouTube for something like 1.6 billion dollars today. That's a lot of coffee, burritos, and MacBooks. Very impressive, but I really don't care. Honestly, that sum is so incomprehensible that it doesn't even register as extrordinary. Luckily, that's not what this post is about. It's not about unfathomable sums of money being passed from one corporation to another, it's not about the fact that 1.6 billion dollars could probably feed a lot of hungry people, it's not about the rich getting richer, nor is it about an ungrateful grad student whining about his dwindling assets. Nope. None of the above. This post is about my monumental inadequacy as a self-professed, top shelf, numero uno, high quality blogger. (Bear with me... I'll pull it all together. I promise)

As an illustration of my deficiency, and as an attempt to add some all-too-revealing perspective, I offer you the following, quoted from Gizmodo writer, Jason Chen:

"We hope that both Google Video and YouTube's quality both increase, rather than go to Shitsville, as is so often the case when the number one and number two merge. It's never pretty whenever we make a number one and a number two together."

That is f-ing brilliant. "It's never pretty whenever we make a number one and a number two together." It's witty, relevant, and lowbrow. My friends, the magnificence displayed above is the mark of a quality blogger: The innate ability to be insightful, yet intellectually undemanding. The dexterity to provide shrewd commentary but still maintain accessibility to that bottom-of-the-barrel intellect. Here at sam bot dot com, I understand the concept of writing for the lowest common denominator... hell, I am the lowest common denominator. But, it's that lowest-totem-on-the-pole sensibility that we bloggers often abandon in way of a more sophisticated level of humor. Thank you, Jason Chen, for being humble. Thank you for lighting the path to true blog professionalism and showing us the importance of keeping things confined to that lowest rung. But, most importantly, thank you for keeping it real.

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