Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Gift From God
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In other Starbucks news, god is scheduled to appear (in quote form) on Starbucks cups. Normally, I would be completely intolerant of this religious injection into an otherwise religion-free experience, but:

A) To me, drinking coffee is a religious experience in and of itself.

2) Coffee's mere existence is proof of a godly influence over this earthen sphere. Something as majestic as coffee could only be a gift from god. Man/Evolution could never have created something so beautiful.

III) Other quotes to appear on cups come from "writers, scientists, musicians, athletes, politicians and cultural critics." Thus elevating man to a level equivalent to that of god. And apparently, that godly level... that pinnacle of enlightenment... that plateau to which, until now, god has been the only one with authority enough to ensconce oneself upon... is none other than the elusive cardboard coffee cup.

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so by not capitalizing "god" or any derivation thereof in your post, what are you implying?

A. that Sam is been elevated to God status by creating such a wonderful blog, therefore not being required, himself, to capitalize when speaking of his peers...

B. that God still has more work to do on sam to get the proper respect

Comment By bryan on October 20, 2005 8:18 PM

Ha! Right on both accounts...

Actually, I didn't even consider whether g/God is or is not to be capitalized in writing. Did I offend? Is that something that offence can be extracted from? I'm always fuzzy on these sorts of things.

Well, let's nip this potential offending bit of syntax it in the bud, shall we? From here on in, g/God will be referred to as His Royal Majesty, Optimus Prime. Starting... Now!

Comment By Sam on October 20, 2005 9:35 PM

Linguistically, it is conventional to capitalise God, when referring to the Almighty Lord reverenced by those religious folk. Any reference to any other deity, be it Odin, Dionysus or Buddha; they are all gods. No capitalisation.

"that Sam is been elevated to God status " - This is correct if you were speaking of God, and not only the status held by all gods.

And, on the topis - proper nouns are also capitalised ;-) "work to do on sam..". Sam. :D

Comment By Michael on November 08, 2005 7:52 AM

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