Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Xmas Comes Early For Mac Users
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Yep. Apple released more crud today. What's going on with them?

Amidst the ample helpings of crud, came Power Mac and PowerBook updates... unfortunately, these updates were not the ones to spearhead the migration to Intel based Macs. Maybe Hopefully we'll see them in the next iteration.

So, that's the hardware news. Let's move to the software news, shall we? Aimed at the professional (digital) photographer, Apple released Aperture. From their site: "Aperture provides everything you need for after the shoot, delivering the first all-in-one post-production tool for photographers." Whoa! Apple took a bite out of Photoshop's marketshare!?

The Mac and Photoshop have always gone well together... like biscuits and gravy. Who would be so evil as to break up a divine union such as biscuits and gravy? Apparently, Apple Computers. But, is Aperture the Photoshop killer that it purports to be? Maybe... but only if one's sole use for Photoshop is photo retouching and photo editing. As we digital artists know, Photoshop does so much more than simply retouch photos. Too much to include in this post... too much even for this blog.

Aperture does seems pretty cool though (nondestructive, professional photo editing... finally!), and it came as a bit of a surprise too. But, as its tagline states, Aperture is "Designed for Professional Photographers." I think however, for the digital artist, Photoshop will still remain at the head of the class.

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That should be X-Mas.

Since it's supposed to be hyphenated. And if you capitalize the first letter of a hyphenated word, the first letter following the hyphen follows capitalization as well.

Like E-Mail. Not Email. Nor E-mail.

Comment By Dr. Kennedy on October 20, 2005 3:51 PM

Ummm... Doctor Kennedy, I think it's time to cough up that diploma. I'm starting doubt the legitimacy of that doctorate.

Comment By Sam on October 20, 2005 4:05 PM

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