Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pattern Recognition
Posted by Sam at 3:18 PM

Time to get out the ol' way back machine...

Remember the original iMac. Sure you do... those bulbous, orbular, transparent, all-in-one Macs that we laugh at when we see a poor soul who's forced to use one nowadays. No? They came in fruit flavors. Ok... now you know exactly what I'm talking about. Quite a difference compared to the sleek white iMacs of today. Well, Apple killed off that fruit flavor color scheme after a while. And personally, I think it was a good design choice. While the marketing campaign at the time was brilliant, I always thought the product looked a tad foolish in real life.

Today, another of Apple's multi-colored products goes to the fruit flavored scrap yard. The iPod mini is dead. Long live the iPod nano!

This baby iPod is... well, just that; a baby iPod. It looks as though the regular iPod has been squished in all directions (including file capacity), and has left a short and skinny iPod mutant.

It's actually kind of cute. And I want one... just to cuddle with.

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Ok Im going to girl out for a minute. There was only one thing holding me back from owning an ipod and it sounds ridiculous but I wanted a black one without paying extra money to remember the pain of Bono or anything off the "new album." Finally my dream has been recognized.

Comment By Coll on September 07, 2005 4:19 PM

Hmmm...interesting, what about the new iTunes update? I am downloading it now.

Comment By TheDarkLordDerfla on September 07, 2005 6:00 PM

...and we're now that much closer to Robot Armageddon...once one of those nano bastards are small enough to be implanted, we're screwed!

Comment By bryan on September 07, 2005 6:15 PM

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