Thursday, July 21, 2005

Shift Reload
Posted by Sam at 1:27 PM

It's that time again. Yep. Site updates, maintenance, modifications, selling out, etc... If you're observant, you'll notice a few changes around here at sambot. If you do not notice anything, you might want to try the ol' shift reload trick. If you still aren't noticing anything different, well... fine. I guess sambot was never that important to you. Sniff sniff, sob sob...

The truth is that the visual changes are fairly minor. Just some clean up really. What should be noticeable on every page however, is the little search box at the bottom of the side bar. Give it whirl. It works well... and while you're at it, click on some of the text-based ads on the resulting search page (why? I'll get to that in minute). Also, I found this tasty little script that loads a different style sheet depending on what OS you're running. You shouldn't notice a change on the Mac side. However if you're a PC user, things should look slightly different. Hopefully, different better.

The most notable change however, is the addition of text-based ads on each of the posts' pages. Click here. That will take you to this post's item page. If everything is working properly, you'll notice five text-based ads at the top of the sidebar. Gasp! You sell-out! You blog whore!

Ok, I really struggled with this decision. I was kept up at nights... tossing and turning... poring over the pros and cons of advertising on sambot. And well, I decided that I'd give it a shot. But before you lash out in punk-rock, smash the state, anti-corporate America, teen-angst fueled disapproval, let me answer a few questions that I know you'll have... because these were the questions that I had for myself.

Why are you doing this?
Unemployed. Nothing better to do... No, I thought while I am enjoying my summer off, I'd explore this avenue as a way to potentially bring in some income while at school.

So, how much money will you make?
Tons! Remember Scrooge McDuck's money bin? Well, mine is going to be twice as big and full of paper money, not just coins as was the contents of Scrooge's. Also, I'm not planning on swimming in it. That would be gross. Do you know how many dirty hands have fondled that money? That is simply disgusting... Ok, the real answer is not much. It really all depends on how many times you click the ads. Just kidding. As of this writing however, I've made a whopping 8 cents! Nice. Good-bye college debt.

Will sambot even benefit from advertisements?
Who knows? The service is free, so what have I got to lose?

What is the ad service that you are using?
I'm using google's AdSense. There are others out there but google's service seemed to be the easiest to employ and maintain.

How does it work?
First, you prove yourself worthy by clicking on all of my ads, all day long, and well into the night. Then, you apply to the program. If google thinks your site will generate revenue, they enable your service. The ad types are fairly customizable. You take one that works for you, and insert the code into your html. The code itself, is tiny and very easy to tweak. You can monitor your income on the AdSense page. It's that easy.

Do you expect your readers to relentlessly click away at your ads?
No. I don't expect all six of my reader's to do anything they don't want to do. If the ad is relevant to you, click it... I mean, yes, I expect my readers to quit their jobs and sit in front of their computers for hours on end, clicking, and clicking, and clicking...

Will this effect your posts?
Not at all. Sambot will still be your one-stop source for all that's important in the blogosphere.

Why are ads only on the item pages?
This is a long winded answer... AdSense works by evaluating the content of each page individually and inserting only relevant ads in that space. This way, you'll never see an ad for Viagra on a page where the post is about how Glenn Danzig is the father I never had. Come to think of it, Viagra might be an appropriate ad for that page... nevertheless, I think you understand the technique. My home page houses thirty days worth of posts. And as we all know, my posts range dramatically from entry to entry. The ads on the home page would be irrelevant given the scattered subject matter. Keeping the ads on the item pages, keeps them relevant. In addition, the item pages are the pages that web users get to when they search. Also, it keeps the home page clean, clutter free, and efficient.

So, in short, you're a sell-out. Why, oh why, are you such an enormous sell-out?
Eh... what can you do?

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HA i see an ad "Sexy girls and sexy guys", now did you personally get to pick that one out.....

Comment By Anonymous on July 21, 2005 3:57 PM


I am pointing Ian Mackaye's finger at you and shaking it in your direction; shame, shame, shame!

(Unless of course this which case count me in!)

Oh yeah the "Sexy Girls" ad...not so sexy.

Comment By TheDarkLordDerfla on July 22, 2005 9:12 AM

For a hard reload in Windows, it's actually Ctrl + F5, not Shift + F5, or Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Option + Apple + F3 + F2 + drip blood on the monitor + puff + puff + give. Sheesh. You Mac people make things so difficult.

Like...calling you. Or emailing.

On the ads. Bravo. I hope it works out well.

Comment By Blackwatch on July 22, 2005 9:24 AM

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