Saturday, July 02, 2005

Explosions of Gothic Proportion
Posted by Sam at 11:07 PM

I just spent the last half hour being so goth... or was I being patriotic? Well regardless of what mode I was in, I sat on a gravestone in a graveyard and celebrated our nations independence by watching things explode into shiny colors high above.

Ohhh... shiny...

There were a few other goth patriots there. In fact, I almost stepped on one... he was clad in pure darkness (as any good goth should be. Unless you're an ironic goth. Then pink is ok). Much to my delight, the other goth patriots accepted me into their clan almost immediately. Twas to my immediate benefit that I chose to wear a black t-shirt this evening. Twas also to my benefit that it was too dark for them to notice that this particular black t-shirt came from Disney's Epcot Center. Had they realized their folly, I would have surely died... during the Dungeons & Dragons game that we played after the fireworks. (I wish!)

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