Thursday, January 12, 2006

Yesterday In Seattle
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Update: To quote my little sister: "How come 'li'l sis' doesn't link to a picture of me!?" Well... okay. It does now!

(I started writing this post like two or three days ago... but alas, I just now had time to finish it up. Ah well, what can you do?)

Yesterday in Seattle (did I mention that I'm in Seattle? I'm visiting my li'l sis at her new pacific northwestern digs), I actually found the very first Starbucks. The grand-daddy. The demon-seed. The one who's to blame. The one who's to thank? Anyway, I found Starbucks numero uno. And it was disappointing.

It's just that the very first Starbucks wasn't at all what I expected it to be. There was no history, no coffee-fueled robot in a top hat dispensing Starbucks factoids (yeah...I don't know why I expected that one), no wi-fi, and there weren't even any places to sit. It was just your run-o-the-mill coffee shop. And not even a nice one. Seriously. I've seen nicer coffee shops attached to gas stations.

Still, I bought a cup of coffee there... just for the experience, I guess. It tasted like Starbucks coffee. So, I suppose they get a point for consistency. But man-alive... What a disappointment!

Well anyway, despite this one resounding disappointment, Seattle is kicking ass! Rain! Coffee! Dispensers of caffeinated delights everywhere... and consequently, I haven't slept in days... of course, it has nothing to do with my sister's holy terror of a terrier (tee hee hee!).

Next up: The saga of the Seattle Sci-Fi Museum... including harrowing tales of adventure such as, "What do you mean I can't take photos in here!?" and "What do you mean I'm causing a scene!?" and of course, the dramatic conclusion, "What do you mean I have to leave and I'm not allowed back... ever!?"

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so who the hell had a tripod set up in that starbucks..maybe that's why they dont have seats, to allow schmuck tourists to setup tripods and take artsy photos of the Numero Uno Starbucks.

also...go back to the sci-fi museum and steal me something cool.

Comment By bryan on January 12, 2006 8:55 PM

bay area fact (that you probably already know): one of the guys who founded starbucks had worked at peet's in college. now, most peet's lack chairs. i've heard that this is to keep the smelly hippies from hanging out and chasing away all the regular customers. this may explain the lack of seating. (either that, or they might just want to facilitate higher tourist turnover).

Comment By meg on January 28, 2006 2:16 AM

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