Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Saving the Day... Again
Posted by Sam at 9:10 AM

My pal from the far off desert lands of Arizona sent me a surprise package. It arrived yesterday, it was full of little Pez creatures, and it totally made my day. The following is the return email that I sent to her... with a blow-by-blow account of the pez/alien encounter:

You'll never guess what happened today... so don't even try. Instead, let me tell you: a mysterious package landed at my back doorstep. A mysterious package postmarked with a mysterious zip code. The zip code started with an 8... "What the...? Do they even go up that high?" Upon further inspection, I realized that the package hailed from the land of AZ. Clearly, this was an alien package. And, it was probably full of alien radiation. And the alien radiation was probably going to mutate me into some sort of super-being. So, without hesitation, I tore into the package, thrust my face into the newly formed opening, and inhaled deeply. Nothing. No mutation what-so-ever. "What a rip-off!" I exclaimed. While my face was still firmly inserted in the alien packaging, I noticed a small group... a humble assemblage... a wee congregation... of tiny alien creatures.

They had no visible appendages, and seemed to be comprised entirely of insect components atop brightly colored plastic boxes. I recognized them immediately as a threat. In my quick thinking/over-reacting, I snapped their necks... one by one... until they were a threat no more.

"Phew! That was a close call. Earth is safe once again... thanks to me. I deserve cake!" What I noticed however... after I killed them, that is... is that their innards are full of tiny, rectangular fuel cells. What powers these alien creatures, is very similar to what we earthlings call, "candy." Bonus! I get to save the day and eat candy. Things are really looking up for mankind...

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Wai...you know how to use Potatoshop? How'd that happen?

Comment By Blackwatch on February 01, 2005 9:43 AM


off the drugs.

for the children!

Comment By Dr. Kennedy on February 01, 2005 10:11 AM

Do you think those aliens where screaming, "Never get out of the UFO man, never get out of the F'N UFO man!"

Just like in Apocalypse Now.

Quick note: that may be the best use of photoshop EVER.

Comment By Showroadie on February 01, 2005 10:46 AM

Sam, you are so marvelously weird... never change.

Comment By kjwaggon on February 01, 2005 1:47 PM

I can almost see your hands shaking.

s 2.0

Comment By Anonymous on February 01, 2005 2:20 PM

just another example of how great both amalia (sp?) and candy are.

Comment By manuel noriega on February 02, 2005 12:55 AM

Correction: Alysa and candy are both great.
(Don't get me wrong... Amalia is great too. But my new little pez friends came from Alysa in the desert.)

Comment By Sam on February 02, 2005 7:32 AM

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