Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New iPods. I care... don't I?
Posted by Sam at 4:03 PM

Let's talk consumer electronics for a moment, shall we? Apple, my favorite provider of lust inducing, ultra sexy, ultra functional computers and toys, has just released the iPod Photo. I should care about this. I really honestly should. Everything that I know about myself leads me to the thought that I should be on my knees kissing the feet of the consumer electronics gods. But I'm not. And I'm trying to figure out why not.

I really like the idea of the extra storage capacity... up to 60gb now. The color display is nice. I love the fact that you can now see the album cover while you listen. The $600 price point for the top-o-the-line model is a little steep... but hey, it's Apple. That's what they do (it'll come down in price. I promise). I guess my problem is the addition of the photo capabilities. Is that really necessary for a music device? Is that really the feature that's going to make all those consumers who have been on the edge for so long, finally throw down (now) $600 for a music player?

The iPod was/is a revolutionary device. It plays music. What's so revolutionary about that? It does it with style. It's so streamlined and so well thought out. Anyone can pick up an iPod and, with minimal futzing (thanks for the yiddish, mom), be comfortable with it. I can't say that for most of the other mp3 players out there. That's why the iPod rocks. Because it does what it says it does, and it does it well.

The addition of the photo stuff in the new iPods just seems cumbersome. It seems like a feature that a lot of consumers are simply going to ignore. Include it if you want, Apple, but don't make us shell out another hundred beans if we're just going to ignore it.

Having said all of that, If anyone feels compelled to purchase one for me, I'll accept graciously.

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apple sucks ass
that is why you did not buy it sammy

(remember ipods have awful sound for an insanely high price. ipod=ipiss)
apple sucks ass

Comment By Anonymous on December 06, 2004 11:16 PM

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