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I have issues with the black background. I understand that they are matching their Tiger box design (while making Tiger stand out from their other pages and products). Uniformity is important in any design for a family of materials (ask my students... that's one of the focuses of this semester). But the black isn't cutting it. It gives it an I just learned how to design websites and I'm afraid of emptiness feel to it.

Ready for more?

The body content is wider than the masthead navigational structure. No. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The content within a site feel is lost. The page now has a removed feeling to it... with a clunky top navigation piece that doesn't fit anymore. The body pulls itself away from the site's framework... the framework that Apple has gone out of its way to establish. And what's with the tacky outer glow?

It'll all be over soon. I promise.

The title area of the body content... cluttered and inconsistent. This would work well as a subheading feature... below a proper title area. Look at the iMac G5 page... appropriate title treatment.

The design isn't all bad. As I've mentioned, I have seen worse. I really do like the sidebar components. And... ummm... well, I guess that's it. There exists a certain level of visual quality that one comes to expect from Apple. This clearly doesn't meet those standards.

See... the thing is, I'm so freaking excited about Tiger. I think that I just want every detail to be so good. When I see a poorly designed page promoting something that I'm so excited about, I get a little annoyed. Not too mention the whole designer/critique thingy. I can't help but to evaluate other designs... especially coming from designers that I hold in such a high regard.

Anyway... this is just one designer's take on a new design. I gotta go. I'm hungry.

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